UI/UX Design
Interfaces for games, mobile apps, and websites. Every design starts off with a good conversation to list requirements and detail the user experience, followed by research, sketches, user flows, wireframes, mockups, iteration, user testing, feedback, and prototypes.
Tiny Armies
Tiny Armies website
Coffee Pot Terrarium
Coffee Pot Terrarium website
Up & Away
Up & Away website
Daughtrey Art Gallery
Hillsdale College Daughtrey Art Gallery website mockup - 2015
Rubiks Revealed
Rubiks Revealed beginner method mobile app mockup - 2014
Rubiks Revealed home screen mobile app mockup - 2014
TINT iPad Menu - 2014
TINT tutorial mockups - 2014
Brothers Flint
Brothers Flint mobile application development website - 2014
Aliaga Foundation
Aliaga Foundation mobile app mockups - 2013
Water's Edge
Water's Edge Church mobile app mockups - 2012
Creighton University
Creighton University Dining App mockups - 2011
Creighton Dining iOS version developed for Information Analytics in Lincoln, NE